OCP – Security Concepts Department : Inspired by RoboCop


“I say good business, is where you find it.”

―Dick Jones

Omni Consumer Products (OCP) is a mega-corporation that creates products for virtually every consumer need, has entered into endeavors normally deemed non-profit, and even manufactured an entire city to be maintained exclusively by the corporation.

Security Concepts is the department of OCP responsible for the police cyborg program and the creation of RoboCop.

Security Concepts was contracted to manage police enforcement due to Detroit’s dire financial situation and OCP’s desire to built their futuristic Metropolis, Delta City, on the site of the crime-ridden Old Detroit

Security Concepts believed the crime situation to be so severe that it would require a law enforcement presence that could be on duty 24 hours a day without rest while maintaining maximum enforcement efficiency.  The project began with the creation of the Enforcement Droid series 209(ED-209), a heavily armed and armored mecha programmed for urban pacification.

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