Zairon Empire : Inspired by Dark Matter


The Principality of Zairon is a territory and faction seen in Season 1, 2 and 3 of Dark Matter.

The Principality of Zairon is an independent territory in C-Sector governed by the royal family of Ishida. It was led by Emperor Ishida Tetsuya until his assassination, whereupon his youngest son Hiro took the throne.

The general public believed Emperor Ishida was killed by his eldest son Ryo Tetsudo, but in actuality The Emperor was murdered by his wife, Empress Ishida Li Na Katsumi, who framed her stepson Ryo so that her own son could take the throne.

GNN reported that the Principality of Zairon is at war with the Republic of Pyr. The Galactic Authority would offer humanitarian aid to refugees fleeing the area but stated that since the problems where “a regional conflict between two independent territories” they could not bring in military involvement.

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